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Human trafficking is a $150 billion global industry robbing 25 million people around the world of their freedom. 

It is our mission to expose, adjudicate, and eradicate exploitation and trafficking globally.

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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is slavery. It’s the illegal trade of human beings; it is the recruitment, control, and use of people for their bodies and  for their labor. Through force, fraud, and coercion, people are being bought and sold against their will.  

This is the reality: slavery is violence. It is physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse. It’s forced prostitution. It’s barbaric working conditions.


Trafficking currently robs 25 million people, including 5.5 million children, of their freedom globally.


Profits from trafficking exceed those of Apple, Samsung, Exxon, and Microsoft combined.


Trafficking is illegal in everywhere. Lack of

enforcement allows it to continue and grow in victims and profit.


Fewer than 1% of trafficking cases are identified, even fewer prosecuted, most are undetected.

Our Stop Traffic Campaign

Join our community and you'll become part of a movement of millions of modern-day freedom fighters. By banding together, each of us helping as we can will assist people worldwide and lead to more responsible companies and changed policies. 

We encourage followers and donors to use the hashtag #stoptraffic when referencing SWEAT Network or any effort to eradicate human trafficking. 

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