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Know the Signs

We will keep publishing this and similar lists until trafficking is officially eradicated.

A person may be trafficked, if they:

  • Cannot freely leave their home or workplace

  • Are unable to quit and find another job

  • Show signs of physical abuse or injury

  • Owe money to an individual or employer to whom they feel bound to pay

  • Move or change job suddenly and often

  • Are accompanied by someone everywhere they go

  • Cannot speak freely for themselves or allows others to speak for them

  • Are unfamiliar with the neighborhood or area in which they live

  • Are not working the job originally promised to them

  • Are unable to freely contact friends or family

  • Lack identification or a passport, or do not have control over those documents

  • Are a laborer, domestic servant, or caretaker, but do not leave the workplace/home

  • Are not allowed to socialize freely or attend religious services

  • Have extreme fear of being handed over to authorities

  • Do not know or understand they are being exploited or trafficked

  • Are addicted to drugs

  • Have been threatened or their family has been threatened

  • Do not knw help exists or where to get it

  • Are a minor engaged in sex work or pornography

This list courtesy of Human Trafficking Search. More information is available at Human Trafficking Indicators.

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