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Sex Trafficking Now a Violent Crime in Minnesota

Minnesota lawmakers have approved changes to sex trafficking laws after a task force had discovered the limits of existing laws.

One new change will classify sex trafficking as a violent crime.

Changes fall into five categories:

  • Increased recognition of trafficking as a violent crime and danger to public safety — these crimes regularly involve violence, and the danger to victims and others is high;

  • Statutory maximum sentences needed to be increased to recognize that many traffickers already have significant criminal histories;

  • Increased consequences for sex buyers, recognizing that demand drives trafficking, where trafficking occurs (public or private place) should not be a factor, and there should be increased consequences for repeat offenders;

  • More protection of victims and children through higher supervision and crime levels for solicitation of children 15 years old and younger;

  • Stronger minimum penalties to deter trespassing at emergency shelter or transitional housing.

We applaud this action and implore other states' governments to do the same.

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